We understand the concerns and restrictions many patients face right now,
and we want everyone to feel safe while they obtain their medical cannabis.
Curbside pick-up helps maintain social distancing, and is fast and
efficient. Curbside pickup is available NOW at Resinate!

Here’s how it works:

✓ Download the CanPay app at and enter your
banking information. You’ll be all set for easy, cashless payments!

✓ Place an on-line order at or through our
Leafly menu here, or call us at 508 476-6290.
✓ You will receive a text letting you know when your order is ready.
✓ Once you arrive at the Resinate parking lot, send us a text so we know
you have arrived. You will be directed to the curbside pickup area.
✓ An agent will come to your vehicle and verify the patient’s two forms of
identification including a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card and
government-issued identification. Please note: All passengers in the
vehicle must be 21 years or older or have a valid and current Massachusetts
Medical Marijuana Card. Identification can be scanned from the vehicle and
not handled directly by the Agent.
✓ Once verified, the Agent will get the order and process payment using the
CanPay application and QR code on the Patient’s phone.
✓ Drive home with all your medical cannabis needs filled safely!
Please note we cannot accept cash in the parking lot.

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